Q: What materials are your signs made out of?

A: Currently all of our Construction Safety Signs are made from durable Corrugated Plastic. We currently only stock the 18 x 24 short fluted signs. Other sizes of signs will be coming soon. All of our signs are made with Outdoor Vinyl so they can last for a very long time without fading.

Q: Are you signs OSHA compliant?

A: Yes! In OSHA 1910 Subpart J (1910.145(d) the specific requirements for the design of Danger, Caution, and Safety Instruction signs can be found. We follow these guidlines when designing a sign for the Construction Industry.

Q: Do ground stakes come with your signs?

A: No, ground stakes do not come with our signs. Ground stakes can be found at any local hardware store or office supply shop for way less than we could offer them online. However, we may offer ground stakes for larger orders in the future.